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News from us and our artists:

Eli Van Vegas Is Back With A New Single

01 April 2022

As Eli van Vegas confirms, he has never stopped producing during the early pandemic.

He now releases two tracks - each additionally coming with extended mixes (the DJs among you will understand), he has produced at the beginning of the covid age. Back in April 2020 everything looked like the clubs would re-open anytime soon. They didn't and so our Techno producer piled up a few tracks but refused to unleash these songs to the world while everybody sat at home. With the clubs almost open again in spring 2022, the time has come for the first output from that era. As Eli promised there at least a few more tracks in his suitcase for further releases.

As many artists too, Eli stagnated with producing during the second lockdown. His new single Dressed in Black is from the time before the status quo and yet again he has already started to produce for his band Zweite Jugend as well as with his side-projects. Kollektiv Klee is on that sheet as is his solo work.

The four songs will be available on 29 April 2022 on all streaming and download platforms.


01. Dressed in Black
02. Sunset
03. Dressed in Black (Extended Mix)
04. Sunset (Extended Mix)

This single is an exclusively download and streaming release.


ZWEITE JUGEND Are Back With A New Single "Herbstsonate"

12 October 2021

The seasons progress inexorably. What was just a lush green turns first into a shining gold and finally into a deep red. Life was just at its zenith. Flocks of birds move south. Most of all, one would like to just follow them. It feels like the year is slowly and incessantly dying. But then there is the allure of acceptance. The air is getting cold, the nights are getting longer. Time is relative, it can appear entertaining or just boring. In the darkness we see another chance to take time for ourselves and to recognize ourselves. The universe holds up a mirror to us. It is the beginning of the decline of all life and all vitality. But there is also a kind of renewal in each end. A return to life is certain, but it will take a few months. Autumn is coming.

Zweite Jugend are back with a brand new single in autumn 2021. The "Herbstsonate" is the first harbinger of a new era, at least as far as the band is concerned. It is taken from the upcoming third album "Der Wille zur Nacht", which is currently in studio production. As a bonus, the band adds the instrumental B-side "Elegie an den Herbst".

The digital single will be available for streaming and download across all platforms on 05 November 2021.


01. Herbstsonate
02. Elegie an den Herbst (B-side)

This single is an exclusively download and streaming release.

As the band comments, the song will be promoted with videos. However this will look like, you are going to be informed right here.


KOLLEKTIV KLEE To Release Second Single

22 June 2021

Eli has done it again. With Kollektiv Klee he releases the double single "Die Nase / Hätte Bitte Gerne" including a bonus mantra version of "Die Nase". This time he produced all the tracks alone.

The digital single will be available for streaming and download across all platforms on 23 July 2021.


01. Die Nase
02. Hätte Bitte Gerne
03. Die Nase (Mantra)

This single is an exclusively download and streaming release.


New Artist KOLLEKTIV KLEE With A First Single

22 December 2020

Kollektiv Klee is a new side project of Eli (Zweite Jugend) in which he collaborates with different artists and musicians. A first two track single will be released on December 25th 2020. "Du bist da" comes as a featuring with Jens, well-known as Zweite Jugend's merch angel.


01. Du bist da (feat. JSBZ)
02. Bitte Bitte Bitte

This single is an exclusively download and streaming release.

In addition to the streaming and download single release, Eli produced an official music video for the song "Bitte Bitte Bitte", also set up to be released on Dec. 25th. Watch out on Facebook and Youtube!


ZWEITE JUGEND Up To Release Single With Liss Eulenherz

14 February 2020

Zweite Jugend worked with Liss Eulenherz - member of the band Sonorus7 who already has worked with Eli van Vegas - just to release a single on March 6: Die ganze Nacht.


01. Die ganze Nacht (Duett Version)
02. Die ganze Nacht (Wesenberg Rework)
03. Elektronische Körpermusik (Eli van Vegas Remix)

This single is an exclusively download and streaming release.


Almost everyone could know: You go out, celebrate and are happy with your life and there she / he is on the dance floor, the one person. Could it be butterflies in your stomach that distort your eyes, or is it sincere love at first sight? "You dance for me, I dance for you." A single moment that could last all night, maybe even a lifetime. What is this feeling, what is happening here? "What have you done to me?"

„Die ganze Nacht" in a duet version is the third single released from the album "Electronic Body Music" by Zweite Jugend, which was released on 1 March 2019. After Eli van Vegas has already worked with Liss Eulenherz in his solo project, it was only a matter of time before they let follow a guest partnership in Zweite Jugend. And you couldn't have chosen the guest vocals of a talented singer like Liss better than for this extraordinary love duet. The release comes with two expressive remixes.

Liss eulenherz herself directs and produces an official music video with her company Eulenherz Artwork. A first trailer can be found right here:


ZWEITE JUGEND Released Their Single "Flucht von der Erde"

29 November 2019

Our hearts from Zweite Jugend released a single today: Flucht von der Erde.


01. Flucht von der Erde
02. Flucht von der Erde (Outer Space Remix)
03. Flucht von der Erde (Acid on Mars Remix)
04. Flucht von der Erde (ARP Odyssey in Space Remix)
05. Flucht von der Erde (Das Wesen aus dem All Remix)

This EP is an exclusively download and streaming release.


The year is 2163. The earth is inexorably turned towards its foreseeable end. A lonely cosmonaut - the last representative of his species - has to admit that it is pointless to dwell on his home planet. And he's off.

„Flucht von der Erde" is the second decoupled single from the album „Elektronische Körpermusik" by Zweite Jugend, which was released on 1 March 2019 and caused quite a stir. It is only the beginning of a gloomy time that seems dangerously close to the end. Now the band releases the opener of the album again as a single: An official music video was produced by the singer Eli van Vegas himself, as well as four thematically fitting remixes.

Eli van Vegas himself directed and produced an official music video:


Eli Van Vegas Collaborated With Liss Eulenherz For A First Release

15 October 2019

In collaboration with Liss Eulenherz (Sonorus7) our label signed artist Eli van Vegas produced a first single which is set to be released on November 15: This Time.


01. This Time


This EP is an exclusively download and streming release.

What if two artists, both well-known for their respective genres, collaborate? One answer might be this upcoming release. Eli van Vegas (singer of Zweite Jugend and Combat Company, both EBM) recently started to produce and release EBM driven and influenced Techno. After performing several live shows and having some DJ sets in 2018 and 2019, he now delivered „Mindset Alpha“ as a first EP. But this was not enough and so Eli decided to collaborate with a female singer: Liss Eulenherz (singer of Sonorus7, Future Pop). If you take a look on their careers you might think that these persons should have worked together already. Both are singers, composers, artists, designers, photographers, videographers and performing artists for many years. What if these similar talents collide? The final answer is the first track in a coming series: „This Time“.


Eli Van Vegas About To Release Mindset Alpha

13 October 2019

Eli van Vegas is set up to release his first solo EP this coming Friday October 18: Mindset Alpha.


01. Intensity
02. Pleasure
03. Excitement
04. Consciousness


This EP is an exclusively download and streming release.

In 2017 Eli van Vegas (singer of Zweite Jugend and Combat Company, both EBM) started to produce EBM driven and influenced Techno. In 2018 and 2019 some DJ shows and two first live performances followed. But it was in the summer of 2019 when Eli decided to record the very first release for his self-named solo project. „Mindset Alpha“ will be released on October 18 2019. It contains four techno tracks and will be the start of a series of several records, all called „Mindset“. Apart from that Eli already announced to work on a single track with a vocalist and the coming „Mindset Beta“. 


ZWEITE JUGEND Announced To Release New Single

01 December 2018

Finally ZWEITE JUGEND announced to release "Leah und Alissa" with us. It will be a download and streming release taken from the upcoming album "Elektronische Körpermusik" which will be out on March 1st 2019.

Matching Christmas, the Feast of Love, German band ZWEITE JUGEND will release the single ‘Leah and Alissa’ as download on 21 December 2018. The single is taken from the upcoming album ‘Elektronische Körpermusik’, whose release is planned for 1 March 2019 as Digipak, Vinyl, Download and Streaming. Currently, the band is finalizing the album and planning the video for the single, which shall be available also on 21 December 2018.

ZWEITE JUGEND is the passion of the two electronic musicians Eli van Vegas (vocals, songwriting, production) and Marcel Lüke (drums, songwriting), who were previously creating music with their band COMBAT COMPANY. Their passion is Punk and Old-School EBM, whereby they do not shy away even from influences of Techno and Pop on ‘Elektronische Körpermusik’. ZWEITE JUGEND combines different genres, but always remains minimalistic and produces only analogue sounds. Cynical and profound lyrics in a self-reduced garment have been in the focus of their work ever since the release of the first demo in 2015 as well as of the album ‘Liebe ist Luxus’ in 2016 with the included EBM hit ‘Hoch die Tassen!’ and alternate with simple, everyday life content.




09 October 2017

Our next release will be TENSION CONTRON with the CD LP Im Rhythmus der Maschinen.

Congrats to Michael from TENSION CONTROL to let us promote and release his first official output. This will happen on Nov. 24th 2017 - physical and digital release. We hurry and keep the pressing plant going as fast as possible to hold the physical copies in hands before the show on Oct. 28th. We would pre-sale them on Nov. 11th. at his DAF support slot. Cross your fingers to let this happen!



Combat Company Present A Preview Of BELOW THE LINE

31 July 2017

The COMPANY is not only back on stage, it is for the record stores as well.

Finally Eli van Vegas has reached out to re-produce a best-of from a decade of the band's history. Finally the instrumentals are almost produced and before the vocals will be recorded, he presents a sneak preview of the artwork to come. The album will contain up to 18 tracks completely in a new - but oldschool - sound just like the single POINT OF NO RETURN released this year on the band's bandcamp page.

If it fits in all the production processes, Combat Company will release this album called BELOW THE LINE on their show in Stuttgart on Oct. 28th 2017.

EDIT: The official release date for BELOW THE LINE limited to 100 copies will be on Oct. 27th 2017.


ZWEITE JUGEND Take Part On EBM Industries Vol. 1 Sampler

29 July 2017

ZWEITE JUGEND are featured on the EBM Industries Vol. 1 Sampler (coming on Records). The band took hands on Hoch Die Tassen! and now release an exclusive edition of the track on this record.

It will be released on Oct. 13th 2017 and there will be a (double) vinyl and a CD. And so far as we know there will be a limited box with the CD, the double vinyl, a poster, a patch, lanyard, membercard, slipmat and a cotton bag included. That's a deal!

Special release event is at the Summer Stomp 2017 in Kassel. Come on over and join this event to grab your package.


A Video Snap Right Into The WGT EBM Warm-Up 2017

06 July 2017

What a night at the Felsenkeller in Leipzig that was.

And it has been the most beautiful and largest stage that our band ZWEITE JUGEND has seen in their short history. WE WILL NEVER FORGET!

Now Liss has finished the post-production of her material, including some pictures of ZWEITE JUGEND. We are absolutely fascinated how talented she is and how close to reality she captured the video.

Watch the music video right here:


ZWEITE JUGEND To Release Single "Leah Und Alissa"

30 June 2017

ZWEITE JUGEND have just announced that they will be releasing a new single called Leah Und Alissa with us. Additionally there will be two remixed included: Our new artist Micha (TENSION CONTROL) remixed one of our favourite tracks of ZWEITE JUGEND which will be his first output with us (even if it is a remix). And Eli van Vegas started to remix in a minimalistic Techno outfit by this option to get his new personal solo project supported.


01. Leah Und Alissa
02. Euroträume (TENSION CONTROL Remix)
03. Hoch Die Tassen! (Eli van Vegas TechnoMix)


We do not know if we release the single as download only or if there will be a physical record, too. We let know know right here and on our Facebook pages.

And the band is already working on their second album, maybe releasing in the beginning of 2018. Still we are organising a tour in 2018, probably supporting a new album then. We will see!



Eli Van Vegas Techno Remix For Me The Tiger (Sweden)

30 June 2017

Today ME THE TIGER are having their great release of the new single "Hollow" (released through RepoRecords) - including an Eli van Vegas Techno Remix of that fantastic track. What a pleasure!

Eli is starting his new solo project with remixing some tracks. This one is for the upstarters from Sweden which is a little more popmusic than the other works that Eli is on at the moment.

Not to say that the Me The Tiger have made a great video for the original track.


Get the complete release right here: SpotifyiTunesAmazon


ZWEITE JUGEND - Euroträume (Official Video)

26 June 2017

Hier sprich das neue Amerika.

Eli van Vegas had a short travel right to Berlin to capture a new video for ZWEITE JUGEND.

Watch the music video right here:


Combat Company Release "Point Of No Return"

05 May 2017


Combat Company are back. It has been around two years ago that Homer and Eli have split, now Eli invented to recreate his old baby again and to release a new track that reflects all the years that have passed by and have finally been gone. This release is just the beginning of a new era of the band as he is working on a best-of album which will be completely new produced.


This release is a free download (pay if you want to) on bandcamp.

Get your copy right here: Bandcamp


Additionally we have uploaded the track to YouTube:


Bear Special Edition Of Liebe Ist Luxus

12 March 2017

What a beautiful life this one could be for a bear on earth.

At the last Winter Stomp our label band ZWEITE JUGEND organized a special auction of a handmade edition of their album Liebe Ist Luxus. It is limited to three copies and every one is different designed with public domain images of some bears. The three-digit value has been completely donated to the "Alternativer Bärenpark Worbis" and Eli van Vegas himself brought the donation to the park the day after the event (with a horrible hangover).

Thank you for your participation. It might have helped more than you could imagine!



10 March 2017

What a blast every single Stomp in Kassel is.

This time Marcel and Eli performed with ZWEITE JUGEND instead of Combat Company's position as the resident act. And Micha from TENSION CONTROL joined for a guest appearance and was on stage for nothing less than two tracks. He did for another two songs already when ZWEITE JUGEND played their release show back in December, but this was amazing. He learns a lot and is ready for his own stage soon.


Combat Company New Video Uploaded To YouTube

17 January 2017

Combat Company have uploaded a new version of Life Is War.

The track was their first output back in 2006. Eli van Vegas reproduced that old single leading the idea to reproduce a collection of former tracks and to release a best-of album with all those songs.

Listen to Life Is War (2017) right here:


ZWEITE JUGEND - Hoch Die Tassen! (Official Video)

29 June 2016

The video debut of ZWEITE JUGEND is finished and released on YouTube.

It was hard work to drink so much and talk to so many people to make this happen. Nothing more to say, but HOCH DIE TASSEN!

Watch the music video right here:




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