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Combat Company

Combat Company is a EBM band from Osnabrück (Germany) which has been founded by drummer Homer and lead singer Eli van Vegas in the summer of 2006. The band names its style as Aggressive Body Music.

After a few years experimenting on sounds and giving different genres an influence on their music, the boys grew back to the first intention of what their output should sound like. With their first full time release "Guardian Angel" in 2010 this was clearly to see. Back in early 2013 Combat Company released their second album "The Minimal Us" which is a full oldschool drawn long player. Beside this Homer and Eli became a real live experience for their fans. A whole bunch of video screenings are shown to complete their performance. In late 2012 the band let a second drummer (Marcel) being in the live family on stage. Marcel did what he was meant to do: He gave the band a very catchy and well loaded firework. We will enjoy them every single time for sure.

In the middle of the year 2015 Homer and Eli split their collective work on Combat Company because of personal conflicts. Meanwhile Eli and Marcel started playing as ZWEITE JUGEND and now in 2017 recreated Combat Company without Homer.


Eli van Vegas

Eli van Vegas is producing Minimal Oldschool Techno as well. This started with a remix for the single "Hollow" by Me The Tiger and another remix of Hoch Die Tassen! by Zweite Jugend. Eli plans to produce a complete album after having finished the second record of Zweite Jugend. This will take some months and the production itself needs another few months as there is a lot of material existing already.

It will become a very dark Minimal Oldschool Techno record. Probably Eli is thinking about not releasing the record with us because it could require a much larger platform instead. We will see.


Kollektiv Klee

The ghost of Paul Klee.

This is a dadaistic side-project of Eli van Vegas collaborating with several different singers and musicians. While writing slight more cubistic lyrics with Zweite Jugend, Eli provides pure avantgarde and dadaism here. He combines his different arts in this project again. The artworks are scribbles in the style of Paul Klee and other fellows.



Medien.Krebs.Therapie. is a former solo project of Eli van Vegas. There have been a few releases (live and free downloads) in the last decade, but still it is a side project as even it has been founded many years before his later band Combat Company. Only two exclusive shows have been played until today, including some musicians around him. Homer (Combat Company drummer) as for example played the bass guitar and the electronic drums in these shows. Martin played the drums in the other show. The last invention was to play electric guitar on stage.

Eli van Vegas is NOT planning to relaunch this project with a (physical) release in the future. The production is set to "closed" as Eli has so many other projects that take a lot of time.



The new star in the sky of oldschool EBM comes from Osnabrück: TENSION CONTROL. The protagonist Micha produces a raw and pure minimalistic mixture through the different ways of traditional electronic music which leads to the highest mood for those who love EBM. Right now he is working on his debut album very hard. Probably we will have it released later in 2017 or in early 2018. Also his live debut is coming soon in which none less than our drummer of ZWEITE JUGEND - Marcel Lüke - is supporting Micha to catch the crowd. And this will not be the last story of TENSION CONTROL so far, promise!



Starting as a side project of the paused Combat Company the new band ZWEITE JUGEND seems to be the main band for both Eli and Marcel since then and in the future. The popularity of ZWEITE JUGEND is in between the easy and catchy lyrics, a sound so rough and oldschool as it could be at its best and directly driven drums. The concept is to produce 100% analogue. And the rest is already history.

There will be a lot of things be coming with this band and we think that we do not need any more words to describe. Just listen!




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