What we do for our artists.

Our general work is to get our artists to be releasing new records. This might be on a physical media like CD or vinyl, but it doesn't stop until download and streaming. We are working with an aggregator to bring the music to the whole world. iTunes and Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, ... just to name a few. So we are used to bring music to the audience. We work with pressing plants and even with the GEMA, the German collecting society / performance rights organization.

But the real work for our publishing department begins with the artists and the network around us. Managing to design and produce artworks, music videos, adverts and everything that is being needed to promote the musicians and the music itself. We provide samples to different radio stations and always try to bring the songs to TV or to computer games.

We are very experienced in booking live shows or in mediation to other bookers and promoters. Without playing live shows, we think, no artist will be able to reach the own goals easily.

It is the most difficult part of our company, but it is worth it, though absolutely needed.



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