ZWEITE JUGEND Announced To Release New Single

Finally ZWEITE JUGEND announced to release "Leah und Alissa" with us. It will be a download and streming release taken from the upcoming album "Elektronische Körpermusik" which will be out on March 1st 2019.

Matching Christmas, the Feast of Love, German band ZWEITE JUGEND will release the single ‘Leah and Alissa’ as download on 21 December 2018. The single is taken from the upcoming album ‘Elektronische Körpermusik’, whose release is planned for 1 March 2019 as Digipak, Vinyl, Download and Streaming. Currently, the band is finalizing the album and planning the video for the single, which shall be available also on 21 December 2018.

ZWEITE JUGEND is the passion of the two electronic musicians Eli van Vegas (vocals, songwriting, production) and Marcel Lüke (drums, songwriting), who were previously creating music with their band COMBAT COMPANY. Their passion is Punk and Old-School EBM, whereby they do not shy away even from influences of Techno and Pop on ‘Elektronische Körpermusik’. ZWEITE JUGEND combines different genres, but always remains minimalistic and produces only analogue sounds. Cynical and profound lyrics in a self-reduced garment have been in the focus of their work ever since the release of the first demo in 2015 as well as of the album ‘Liebe ist Luxus’ in 2016 with the included EBM hit ‘Hoch die Tassen!’ and alternate with simple, everyday life content.




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