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BRANDSATZ Records is the home of electronic punk music such as EBM and others. And it is the home of some selected artists just like ZWEITE JUGEND, Combat Company, TENSION CONTROL, Eli van Vegas and some more.


News from us and our artists:

A Video Snap Right Into The WGT EBM Warm-Up 2017

06 July 2017

What a night at the Felsenkeller in Leipzig that was.

And it has been the most beautiful and largest stage that our band ZWEITE JUGEND has seen in their short history. WE WILL NEVER FORGET!

Now Liss has finished the post-production of her material, including some pictures of ZWEITE JUGEND. We are absolutely fascinated how talented she is and how close to reality she captured the video.

Watch the music video right here:


ZWEITE JUGEND To Release Single "Leah Und Alissa"

30 June 2017

ZWEITE JUGEND have just announced that they will be releasing a new single called Leah Und Alissa with us. Additionally there will be two remixed included: Our new artist Micha (TENSION CONTROL) remixed one of our favourite tracks of ZWEITE JUGEND which will be his first output with us (even if it is a remix). And Eli van Vegas started to remix in a minimalistic Techno outfit by this option to get his new personal solo project supported.


01. Leah Und Alissa
02. Euroträume (TENSION CONTROL Remix)
03. Hoch Die Tassen! (Eli van Vegas TechnoMix)


We do not know if we release the single as download only or if there will be a physical record, too. We let know know right here and on our Facebook pages.

And the band is already working on their second album, maybe releasing in the beginning of 2018. Still we are organising a tour in 2018, probably supporting a new album then. We will see!



Eli Van Vegas Techno Remix For Me The Tiger (Sweden)

30 June 2017

Today ME THE TIGER are having their great release of the new single "Hollow" (released through RepoRecords) - including an Eli van Vegas Techno Remix of that fantastic track. What a pleasure!

Eli is starting his new solo project with remixing some tracks. This one is for the upstarters from Sweden which is a little more popmusic than the other works that Eli is on at the moment.

Not to say that the Me The Tiger have made a great video for the original track.


Get the complete release right here: SpotifyiTunesAmazon


ZWEITE JUGEND - Euroträume (Official Video)

26 June 2017

Hier sprich das neue Amerika.

Eli van Vegas had a short travel right to Berlin to capture a new video for ZWEITE JUGEND.

Watch the music video right here:


Combat Company Release "Point Of No Return"

05 May 2017


Combat Company are back. It has been around two years ago that Homer and Eli have split, now Eli invented to recreate his old baby again and to release a new track that reflects all the years that have passed by and have finally been gone. This release is just the beginning of a new era of the band as he is working on a best-of album which will be completely new produced.


This release is a free download (pay if you want to) on bandcamp.

Get your copy right here: Bandcamp


Additionally we have uploaded the track to YouTube:


Combat Company New Video Uploaded To YouTube

17 January 2017

Combat Company have uploaded a new version of Life Is War.

The track was their first output back in 2006. Eli van Vegas reproduced that old single leading the idea to reproduce a collection of former tracks and to release a best-of album with all those songs.

Listen to Life Is War (2017) right here:


ZWEITE JUGEND - Hoch Die Tassen! (Official Video)

29 June 2016

The video debut of ZWEITE JUGEND is finished and released on YouTube.

It was hard work to drink so much and talk to so many people to make this happen. Nothing more to say, but HOCH DIE TASSEN!

Watch the music video right here:




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