Combat Company live in Kassel 2013 Review

A great review of the last Gig of our Combat Company has been published on Klangwelt Info. There is just a German version still.

Read it right here.


published on: 2013-09-18


Combat Company Interview

Such an interesting and complete inteview as for Klangwelt Info our guys have never[...]

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Combat Company now with new live set, new albumand release show

Combat Company has released its second whole seized album "The Minimal Us". And in the beginning of this month[...]

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Combat Company # The Minimal Us

Combat Company released their second L.P. on March 9th[...]

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Combat Company # Monochromaniac

Combat Company release their first new single since the Homo Superior single. It is called Monochromaniac[...]

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Website Relaunch

Now it is time to relaunch our website as there has never existed a real one before. But in sight of[...]

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